Based in Los Angeles, Foxes & Lions creates melodies that echo through time, combining the sound of raw acoustics with contemporary song structure, while touching on classic folk themes such as life, love, and longings for home. 

Foxes & Lions, Pt. 1 is F&L's debut album.  A follow up is currently in the works



Music has the power to transport us through time; a song you heard as a kid can take you back to those specific moments and feelings, just as a song you hear for the first time can set that of the future.  Pete Roth works to harness that power with his varying projects and a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike.
Ever since a young age, Pete Roth has felt a deep connection to music.  Surrounded by both music appreciators and music players, it was certain that he was to develop a natural and unique love and understanding for it. Today he continues to to be impassioned by music and strives to share his deep connection with others in hopes that they too can understand and appreciate the same.




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